German Children's Home Directory/Rheinland-Pfalz

Many people have spent their childhood and youth in a Children’s Home, an asylum, a youth center, approved school or another similar facility. And many cannot let go of the experience and are looking for connections into the past. Or for a variety of reasons, they are looking for a temporary or permanent home accommodation. Whether it is an active facility ore one closed already – the confusion and mix-up is great. Either one cannot find any information or one only finds unclear results. For this reason, we have compiled this directory of asylums which lists nearly 10000 homes and other facilities in about 10 categories.
From children’s homes, youth housing, disabled homes, home schools to normal dormitories, everything is represented. In addition, you will find archive entries for closed facilities. This also includes children’s homes and youth employment centers in the former GDR. Many, now closed, children’s homes have been restructured and reopened under new names and sponsors. The old files of former pupils have either returned to the archives of the old bearer, or the new bearer has taken over these files. In some cases, old files were also archived or destroyed in central archives.
All records are structured according to the following scheme:
Postal code, city, address, name of the institution, facility type, status. Since facilities are continuously closed and web pages are re-created, links are often not available. For this reason, we have dispensed with the naming and linking of websites.
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